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Value Revolution

Tectona Is The largest Publicly-Traded Company In Israel (TLV:TECT) Dedicated To Creating, Trading & Investing In Digital Assets.

Led by acclaimed fintech and blockchain pioneers, our mission is to build the largest and most diversified blockchain portfolio via issuance, trading and investment in digital assets

Backed by top industry leaders

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Operational Pillars

Tectona Financial Services

We are developing a cutting edge suite of technical and blockchain related financial instruments.

Tectona Proprietary Trading

Advanced trading products, which leverage algorithmic strategies and high-frequency trading in the rapidly growing sectors of cryptocurrency and DeFi.

Tectona Ventures

Tectona partners with and invests in the most promising founders and technologies moving the industry forward with a focus on Decentralized Finance, Web3 , NFTs and Play-to-Earn verticals.

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With late stage globalization underway and the historically rapid-changing market of blockchain and digital assets, Tectona believes that “fortune favors the innovator”.

Being up-to-date with technological innovations is crucial to raising the productivity of both capital and labor, creating new value and expanding opportunities to new segments of society. Innovation is the driver of progress. It is the continuous curiosity and imagination that propels humanity forward. Tectona will always win on stellar tech and mind bending new ideas that become the future.


Tectona has taken a strategic decision to operate as a public company, with the purpose of being fully regulated and as transparent as a public blockchain.

Tectona intends to use its position in the public market to continuously educate, inform and inspire regulators, policy makers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, students and the public at large about these once-in-a-generation technologies and implications for our society.


Tectona is led by the greatest blockchain and fintech minds in Israel.

The passion we have for the field - for freedom, progress, entrepreneurship, technology and decentralization - is rooted firmly in each and every one of our team members. We believe that for a company to truly succeed in such a cutting edge, fast-paced market, skill and insight are not enough. It’s passion that makes the difference when embarking on a long journey into uncharted territory, and Tectona is deeply committed to seeing the blockchain revolution take hold in Israel and around the world.


Tectona strives to empower creative thinking and an inventive approach to all we do. It is said that you cannot solve problems from the same level of consciousness that created them.

We believe that human endeavor - societies, cultures, nations, markets, companies and currencies - are an expression of this collective creativity, and that everything we see around us was built by people no smarter than any of us. We encourage new lenses on old problems, new approaches to old roadblocks, and the infinite imagination that is the birthright of the human mind.

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We Are Hiring

We're Hiring

You will be joining a team that respects you, provides guidance, and is committed to integrity. We emphasize open communication and working together to bring out your best performance, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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